Features & Benefits

All in One Prescription

  • In single page all prescription data comes in simple way.
  • Basic Patient details – Name, age , sex and contact number come on top.
  • In same page not only Dr can maintain Symptoms, Diseases, Complaints Complication and Drug allergy but also we can maintain its start date.
  • Past History can be filled in same page with its duration and repetition.
  • Test and its result can be filled in same page. Dr can fill test results afterword even if he missed while updating Prescription Page.
  • When Dr want to give new prescription to old Patient then Diseases, Complication, Past History and Drug Allergy of last prescription comes automatically.
  • Medicine details come with its doses, dose, formulation, time relation with Meal, for how much time, for which indication, through which route and if required remark for particular medicine is always with you.
  • Medicine Details comes in pop-up for better view.
  • Complicated Prescription – When any Medicine prescribed for two different dose in a day or/and for different time then our prescription page can be very effective.
  • Precaution, Diet suggestion, follow-up after and any remark or comment make your prescription more perfect and completed.
  • Symptoms, Complication, Complaints, Diseases, Medicine, Past History and Comments come from master which is control by Doctor.

Short Prescription

  • Time is money,,, Doctor can save time by using quick prescription
  • Quick prescription come with minimum field which is customized at every level.
  • General examination comes in same page ,,, no need to select or go anywhere.

Reference Prescription

Reference Prescription is very useful for daily and in routine prescription where Doctor want to small change in prescription from previous one like medicine or its dose Reference Prescription is nothing but all in one prescription which takes a data from last prescription of Patient and it is editable.
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