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Patient Chamber

One of most important window of Eze Dr from your can get exactly where is patient and whatever you want to do with patient you can do from here only. Patient Chamber has 3 tabs for different purpose
  • Queue
    •  How many patient/MR take appointments?
    •  How many patient/MR are coming, yet to come and gone?
    •  Status of Patient where he/she is?
    •  How much time he/she visited Doctor
    •  Queue also provide link to Doctor for basis view of patient &
           appointment view.
    •  From Queue user can forwarded the patient to any one like patient
           can forwarded from Doctor to dietician or back to reception.
  • Forwarded
    •  How much patient exactly waiting for you can be seen in forwarded list.
    •  Forwarded list also provided a link for Basis patient view &
           appointment view.
    •  Also from forwarded tab user can forward patient to anyone.
    •  Forwarded tab provided link for Prescription also.
    •  Forwarded tab also provided a information about patient status.
  • Attend - When patient from forwarded list will release then it will appear in Attend list. Attend list means how many patients are attended in clinic per day.
Patient Chamber
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