Basic understanding for EMR, EHR, ePHR & HIO

World is upgrading towards best.
Heraclitus, the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, once said that “Change is the only constant in life”. This quote from an ancient philosopher is a metaphor for modern world.

If you look around, everything is changing or upgrading from its old version, be it our lifestyle or our gadgets or day to day activities, you name it and you can see constant changes everywhere. .I remember we used to have old landline phone at home where you have to make almost a circle in dial pad to dial number ‘0’. Those landline then upgraded to cordless having buttons, then came wireless device, then mobile and now culture of Samsung vs i-Phone

Similarly, due to an advancement of information technology, Healthcare industry is also transformed from its traditional functioning to ‘e’ functioning where healthcare information transmits in electronic form. The blog in this website is an attempt to explain how information technology is transforming healthcare industry.

Let’s start with some key concepts and terminologies which will be used in electronic healthcare world. When technology meets Healthcare then EMR, EHR, ePHR& HIO comes in real picture & play its role.

EMR: Electronic Medical Record
EMR can be defined as Management of all health-related information of patient by licensed clinicians & staff from single organization through electronic media.

EMR final ori

EMR is operated in intra network, its means that information can transformed electronically in same clinic or hospital with only their own pathology & Pharmacist (if web based  then with service providers)but never ever transfer digitally with other hospitals or outside(other) pathology or Pharmacist.

EHR: Electronic Health Record   
EHR can be defined as Management of all health-related information of patient by licensed clinicians & staff from multiple organizations through electronic media.

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EHR is operated in interconnected Network. In EHR multiple Medical Professionals manage a data from multiple sources for same patient. For better understanding we can say that same patient can be managed by multiple hospitals & clinicians for best & integrated treatment and also insurance sector have their own role.

ePHR: Electronic Personal Health Record
An electronic, cumulative record of health-related information on an individual (Patient), drawn from multiple sources, that is managed by the individual (Patient).

HIO: Health Information Organization/ Health Information Exchange

Health Information Exchange is network where transmission of healthcare information can assemble, marshal and redistributed (as per need) electronically across organizations within a region, community or hospital system.

Above all four categories comes under PDMS (Patient data management system).

We will meet in our next blog where we can discuss different type of platform for EMR, EHR & ePHR.


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