AMC- Annual Maintenance Contract

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) : 5000 INR
Eze Dr update & upgrade every year towards best for newer & newer e-clinic practice .Every software needs to be maintained and up to dated. In AMC period the software has to be monitored and maintained for all type of issues, problems and technical support.
# AMC Services Free
1 SMS 1000
2 Data Update All
3 Important Update 5
4 Online Backup Full Year
5 SMS & e-Mail 100%
6 Support & training Preference Given
7 Online Chat Preference Given
8 Ticket Preference Given
9 Customer Care Preference Given
Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC)
Annual Maintenance Contract


  • Taxes = 5% VAT.
  • Cost (Prices) mentioned above of Eze Dr are applicable only for Indian Registered Doctor's/Clinic.
  • For Export cost (price) please contact us.
  • AMC for first Year is free of the cost.
  • Above Mentioned AMC cost is applicable from 2ed year and which is optional.
  • AMC charges will be change in next year based on resource available
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